Successful ESG Management

Thinkdot enables companies to improve sustainability and drive growth.

It is challenging for companies to define a comprehensive, effective management for environmental, social and governmental concerns (ESG). A sustainable company is focusing on ESG achievements, public perception, compliance requirements and costs.

Thinkdot is a cloud service platform that guides companies through the sustainability strategy and reporting process. Our focus is to create value, for the environment, the society and for the company.

Material Topics

Recommendation of company specific ESG topics and comparison with peers.

Stakeholder Engagement

Surveys for the the leadership team, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Comprehensive Analytics

Interactive analytics and simulations ensure a value focused approach.


Thinkdot supports all major ESG reporting standards. It allows to use multiple standards simultaneously and takes care of all the formalities.


Include stakeholders to define strategic fields of action to improve sustainability.

Stakeholder Survey

The first step towards a sustainable business is to define the relevant strategic business objectives. To ensure that a company establishes and maintains an impactful sustainability management, it is crucial to include different stakeholders like employees, customers or suppliers early in the strategic process.

Defining the most urgent fields of action from different perspectives ensures a targeted approach to maximize the impact of a companies’ sustainability engagement. Thinkdot provides:

  • a comprehensive catalog with specific actionable sustainability items to choose from
  • professional, user-friendly online survey in the look and feel of the company
  • dashboard with survey results and materiality analysis

We ensure data confidentiality and the secure hosting of the survey data.

If you wish to work out details with the management or with specific stakeholders, we will gladly conduct workshops with you.

Thinkdot Materiality Survey Screenshots


The results of the survey and of the available sustainability data can be monitored in the dashboard. It provides data exploration to analyze the feedback of the stakeholders.

Smart analytics make peculiarities in the results transparent. The materiality matrix can be exported in various formats.

Thinkdot Materiality Charts

Sustainability Reporting

Communicate sustainability achievements effectively.

Thinkdot Studio

The web-based platform drives the entire reporting process. It allows internal and external stakeholders to collaborate. Different users contribute data, text and images to the report.

All data is stored in the centralized data repository within the knowledge engine. Figures within the text and data for the charts are always sourced from the data repository to ensure consistency, quality and alignment with the chosen standards.

Thinkdot Studio Screenshots

Sustainability Reports

Thinkdot delivers reliable high-quality sustainability reports. The reports or excerpts thereof can be produced in different formats to communicate on various channels. The state-of-the-art information ensures that institutions reach different stakeholder-groups effectively and that their sustainability engagement gets attention.

Sustainable report showcases

Supported Reporting Standards

Thinkdot supports all major global sustainability standards. The Thinkdot processes and outputs are aligned with the formal requirements of the specific standards.

Sustainability standards


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