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Nowadays, it is not only large companies that are affected by the need to maintain transparent ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management. Due to new regulations, especially in the EU, companies of all sizes are increasingly obligated to provide information on environmental, social, and governance matters.

Thinkdot guides companies through the entire ESG reporting process, from defining a successful ESG strategy to producing an impactful ESG report. The process is built on state-of-the-art tools, ensuring efficiency and quality for the upcoming reporting years as well.

Tailored Strategy

Defining key topics in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders (materiality analysis) along with goal setting and ongoing progress monitoring.

Effective Reports

Appealing, transparent reports in a corporate-specific design.

Modern Platform

Centralized data collection and analysis (dashboard) with direct content and data export into the report.

Standards Compliance

Thinkdot supports all major ESG reporting standards. It allows to use multiple standards simultaneously and takes care of all the formalities.


Thinkdot in the Export-Newsletter by Switzerland Global Enterprise

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ESG Transparency on the global stage: The impact on SMEs in the export sector
The importance of environmental, social and governance reporting
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important everywhere, including in international trade. Recently, environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements have expanded significantly around the globe – which also affects Swiss exporters, whether directly or indirectly. Gabrielle Lang from Thinkdot advises SMEs on introducing standards-based ESG reporting. In this interview, she explains what exporting SMEs from Switzerland and Liechtenstein need to bear in mind.

October 2023, MME Legal | Tax | Compliance publishes their latest GRI Sustainability Report, supported by the Thinkdot Platform (German only):



Various standards and regulations require a double materiality analysis for ESG reporting. For instance, the new European Sustainability Reporting Standard in the EU mandates a transparent and traceable process. This involves regularly defining ESG topics from both internal and external perspectives by engaging with various stakeholders.

Stakeholder Survey

The first step towards a sustainable business is to define the relevant strategic business objectives. To ensure that a company establishes and maintains an impactful sustainability management, it is crucial to include different stakeholders like employees, customers or suppliers early in the strategic process.

Defining the most urgent fields of action from different perspectives ensures a targeted approach to maximize the impact of a companies’ sustainability engagement. Thinkdot provides:

  • a comprehensive catalog with specific actionable sustainability items to choose from
  • professional, user-friendly online survey in the look and feel of the company
  • dashboard with survey results and materiality analysis

We ensure data confidentiality and the secure hosting of the survey data.

If you wish to work out details with the management or with specific stakeholders, we will gladly conduct workshops with you.

Thinkdot Materiality Survey Screenshots


The Thinkdot Dashboard makes the results of the surveys transparent, as well as all other aspects of ESG data management, including:

  • Data analysis across different areas
  • Progress monitoring
  • Process advancements
Thinkdot Materiality Charts


Effectively communicate progress in sustainability.

Thinkdot Studio

To ensure efficiency and high quality throughout the entire process, all data is captured on the modern Thinkdot cloud platform. The tool provides the common reporting standards with all their requirements as its foundation.

Tables, charts, and data references are directly integrated into the report and are automatically updated on an ongoing basis.

Thinkdot Studio Screenshots

Sustainability Reports

Thinkdot supports the entire reporting process. We propose a format, structure, and layout that effectively represent the company and its activities, while also ensuring compliance with all regulatory and standard requirements. Reports can be made available in PDF, web or XBRL format.

We also provide support for all accompanying information on various social media channels.

Sustainable report showcases

Supported Reporting Standards

Thinkdot supports all major ESG reporting standards, ensuring that your organization can align with global best practices and comply with various regulatory requirements. Whether it's SDG, GRI, CSRD/ESRS, SASB, ISSB/IFRS, or other emerging standards, we've got you covered.


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